The Underrated Town of Salem

On my trip to  Boston I got to spent one of my mornings and afternoons at Salem. Salem is famous for its rich American history and the witch trials. Salem’s most popular tourist season is Halloween, but this wonderful town is still nice to visit any other time of the year.

Grave Yard in Salem

I visited in mid March, not expecting much, and I ended up having a blast! Salem has an aesthetic that is uniquely their own and it makes this city exciting to see. With old architecture, Salem is a charming town with many stories to tell. The large willow trees and the beautiful ocean side to admire. If you are taking a tour, like I was, there is a rule where you must have a salem tour guide show you around. This is a good thing as this tour guide is likely more informed then the one who took you there. The woman we had take us around the city had lived there her entire life and was passionate about the history and the buildings that make Salem great. She made the tour more personal when she mentioned that she was a descendant of one of the victims of the trials. Although she did have some confusion when engaging Canadians (she asked if we were obsessed with “Tom Hortons”), she was entertaining and engaging.

Charming buildings

The entire town is charming. You don’t have to go on a tour to enjoy salem. There are many attractions to visit just on your own. The House of Seven Gables was interesting and worth doing, even if you are not informed of its story.

House of Seven Gables

The is graveyards and memorials you can visit. The are also museums and cute shops to check out. My friends and I ate lunch at Red’s cafe. The people there were wonderful and nice, which was refreshing as they treated us like people and not the rotten teenager treatment we had been getting. And The food was amazing, my friends even ordered take out so they could eat it again later!  img_6748

We left way to soon to fully enjoy the town, which I regret. I would return in a heart beat and spend a day or two there. This town is an underrated get away that you’ll definitely enjoy if halloween is your favourite celebration or you like history and charming towns!