Visiting Hawaii for Christmas

Winter break is always a popular travel time, and despite the crowds, sometimes you need to take advantage of the holiday season. And if you are looking to escape the cold, Hawaii may be the perfect destination for you! And from my own experience, I’ll will tell what you can expect from Hawaii at Christmas time.img_5491

  1. Deciding Where to Go

    Hawaii has many different islands, with different appeals. When choosing, keep in mind of what you want from your trip. If you want a relaxing vacation where you don’t do much but hang out at the beach compared to wanting a trip going to different attractions, will effect the island you’ll want to visit. When I went last year, my family split our trip on to two islands.  Maui is a great island to visit if you want to relax at the breach. Maui has amazing beaches that are near hotels and other accommodation. While there are many activities to do, like surfing or zip lining, the main attraction is hanging out on the beach. This is a popular spot for Canadians to travel to. It almost seems like every tourist you talk to is Canadian, and my family ran into many friends from home.  The other island I visited was the big island. This island has more tourist attractions, with includes volcanos and culture. Research the islands before you book, to make sure your visiting an island that will be perfect for your vacation.

  2. Booking ahead of time

    Hawaii is a super popular place, and is especially busy during winter break when family have time off. To sucre plane tickets and accommodation you may have to book months in advance, especially if you want to go and stay at a nice place.

  3. The experience

    Hawaii is a warm and welcoming place. I arrived on boxing day, so I didn’t get the Hawaii christmas experience like a few friends do every year, but from the aftermath I saw, there wasn’t much. Don’t expect a christmas setting when you arrive, because you will be disappointed. My personal view is that Hawaii doesn’t need the decoration, but if it is important to you can make your stay more christmassy but doing your own activities. decorate your hotel room. Wear christmas shirts.Bring a few gifts to exchange on christmas day. whatever you want. Hawaii is always a fun time, especially if you are with the right people. I went with my family and brought along relatives to join us and we had a great time. Our time in Maui was laid back, spending all our time at the beach with several shaved ice breaks. When we went to the big island, we stayed in Kona. Everyday we would drive somewhere new. To new beaches or to the volcanos we had a great time.

There is a reason Hawaii is so popular. The weather is warm as well as the water. The island is beautiful and stepping on to the island for the first time is like stepping into travel magazine. It is even relaxing in its busy seasons. Hawaii is a great destination to travel to.IMG_2355


Packing Tips for New Travelers

Packing for any trip is important as you will be most likely living out of your suitcase for a while. It is best that you put some thought into what you bring on your adventure. Packing can be fun as it makes you excited for your trip, but if you’re new at traveling or need advice, these are my best tips for practical and easy packing

1) Pack light

Over packing can be expensive, heavy and pointless. Bring what you need not what you think you might need. You can save space in your luggage, which is useful if you’re planning on getting souvenirs. If you’re flying, depending on what airline you’re going on, you can save money because of your lighter bag. Packing light can help you out if you know if you’re going to be carrying your luggage ahead of time and make your load easier. It’s easier to keep track of your belongings and you only bring what you need. Overall packing light is smart.

2) Know your necessities

Your destination does affect what you have to bring. Packing for a tropical climate is different then packing for a skiing adventure. Evaluate the conditions and requirements of your planned location and know what you must bring.

3) No “Maybe” clothes

In my own experience I have notice I pack clothes which I think I might wear, then I don’t. This takes up a lot of valuable space in my suit case. If you also relate to this problem save yourself the trouble and only pack clothes you know you will wear for sure. You will save yourself space and unnecessary laundry.

4) Roll your clothes

Rolling clothes take up less space then folded clothes.

5) Keep in mind how long you will be away

How much you need to pack depends on how long you will be away. Short trips are easy to pack for; as you bring clothes for each day you’re gone. Longer trips however require more thought. Pack based on how many laundry opportunities you have and if you’re willing to re-wear clean-ish clothes.

6) Careful when packing jewelry

Necklaces and bracelets can easily get tangled, broken and lost while travelling. My best solution for this is to bring jewelry that wont tangle, like a bracelet with thick beads. If you want to bring a delicate necklace, I have seen people clasp them through straws to keep them safe and untangled.

7) Make a list for next time

After you have gone on a couple trips, you start to know what you must pack. Try making an official packing list. This way you know where to start packing for your next trip.

8) Have distinguishable luggage

Most suitcases these days are black, and if you are looking for your luggage after your flight, it may be difficult. Or what happened to me is someone took my bag thinking it was their own. Luckily they left their real suitcase behind and the airport staff contacted the person and i got my stuff back, but that doesn’t always happen. Having a suit case that is a crazy colour can help you identify it as your own, which can also help you if you see some one swipe it. A fast response can save you the stress of losing your bag.

After packing for many trips, this is the best advice I can offer. If you have some tips for packing that I missed, feel free to comment them, you might help someone out. Happy travels!