Travel to Understand History

My go to tourist location is always a historical spot or a museum. Maybe its a habit I’ve gotten from my parents who have dragged me to everything educational, from ¬†old battle fields to Winston Churchill museums. Or maybe my love of history in general has made me fond of these experiences.

Travel can be eyeopening, it is my favourite way of learning about the world. And from my experiences of learning over the years, my knowledge of history has expanded greatly. I have eaten lunch in Place of Versailles, pretended to throw tea into the Boston harbour, and have walked along Juno beach (one of the five D-Day beaches). When you visit some where, you have a chance to discover the current culture and appearance, you can also learn about some of the reasons on why its like that today.

I have so many memories from visiting museums and historical sites. Depending on where you go, you will experience shock, awe or pure interest. Walking around old gold mine towns like Barkerville, Canada or Ballarat, Australia. Visiting the monument on Vimy ridge. There is so much to experience, and every little thing counts. I’ve seen one of Napoleons hats in person, and Laura Seacord’s house, which I consider to be two special experiences.

History provides a sense of reason when looking at todays world, and explaining why its like this today. It can expand your world view. In class, I always have more historical events to reference because of all the traveling I’ve done. Knowledge is always a good thing.

Historical sites are also a great activity, even if you aren’t interested in the learning aspect. Old buildings can be beautiful and the tours make you feel like you are truly visiting your destination. My suggestion is to always make room for these experiences when you are away.

house of seven gables 

Halloween Themed Travel in Canada

The time has come again, October and its high light of Halloween. And If you reside in Canada or happen to be in the area, this can be a great time to take advantage of what the session has to offer.

Organized halloween events.

Depending where you are staying, there could be different events going on. Look up whats going on through out through out the month, or the time you are staying. There can be great oppertuntites available for children and everyone else. In Vancouver, last year the police museum held a movie night in their morgue. be creative in where you search.

Ghost walks

Nearly every city has some sort of night time ghost walk. I have attended one when I was in ottawa and it was a fun night time activity that was informative as well as creepy. We also saw sites we other wise wouldn’t have visited, like an old prison.

Haunted Towns

Visit a haunted place! Canada has many so you can look up places closest to you! Barkerville BC is one of these haunted places. It’s story was featured in one of the Haunted Canada books with multiple ghosts to possible see. I swear I had my own ghostly experience, but you don’t have to believe me. You can go see if you can experience on for yourself!


Halloween is very popular in Canada, and it is open to everyone. If you are from a country that does not celebrate halloween, I recommend you try. Its a fun night, although the concept may seem odd. If you are new, I suggest you go with someone who knows what they are doing, as you will get the best experience possible. But if you need a run down on how it works, 1. Dress up in a costume 2.bring a basket or a pillow case to carry your candy 3.halloween does not have an official start time. people usually start going when it starts getting dark, and small children go earlier. 4.knock on a door and say “trick or treat”, accept the candy offered and remember to say thank you!