Traveller’s Weaknesses


Every person’s their own boundaries and weaknesses when travelling. This could be a fear, comfort zones or being a picky eater. These weaknesses are important to recognize to ensure you have the best trip possible. Through many trips I have discovered my own weaknesses and strategies to help get over them. Some common weaknesses are:

  1. Fears and Phobias 

    Fears and phobia’s may be the most troubling to deal with on a trip. They interfere with activities and sometimes travelling itself. If you have any fears you might want to research how they will effect you on your trip. If you have a phobia, it is best to prepare strategies in case you end up facing your fear. My own personal phobia is heights (I don’t know why I named my blog new heights travel, it’s ironic). This phobia prevents me from enjoying tall attractions. When faced with a situation like this, there are two options to choose from. You can face your fear, or you can not. I usually choose to face my fear with the knowledge that I will freak out and have to leave as soon as possible. I have done this many times, I spent a full minute on the top of the Empire State building before I had to call it quits. If you choose not to face your fear, don’t feel bad. You just saved yourself from paying an admission fee, and I believe the view from the bottom is just as good as the view from the top.

    Inside the lobby of the Empire State building
  2.    Temperature

    Travelling to a different climate can be difficult to adjust to. If you don’t live in a place that has extreme heat or cold, you may be in for a shock. Heat stroke or frostbite can definitely ruin a good trip. The best solution is to prepare ahead. I live in a cool climate so when I am visiting a hot place, I struggle. I dehydrate easily. If you dehydrate easily all I can say is carry lots of water on you at all times. You will save yourself from a headache and heat stroke. Also bring sun hats and sunscreen. I also suggest to take breaks from the heat by finding shade or an air-conditioned room. If you are from a warm climate, a cold climate is definitely something you should take seriously. Bring Jackets, hoodies and many layers. Depending on how cold the place is you may need snow gear.Snow gear includes snow boots, snow pants, snow jacket. You can buy these secondhand for our trip to save money. I suggest mittens over gloves as they keep your fingers warmer. A good toque is a must. You can also buy hand and foot warmers that go into your mittens or boots and they help provide heat. If you are not used to the cold, or become cold easily, these will quickly become your best friend. It also might be worth your time to learn how to identify frostbite. On a school skiing trip, a classmate got a frost bitten nose. Don’t underestimate the weather.

  3.  Comfort Zone

    This is different for everyone. It is important to feel comfortable on your trip, even though it is good to step out of your zone once in a while. For an example, if you don’t like crowds it is hard to avoid them at popular destinations. Face one or two, within your reason then take a breather.

When you travel, take notice about your preferences when abroad. You can make your life easier in the future and make every trip more enjoyable.


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