Guide to New York’s Souvenirs


If you’re budgeting a trip to New York City or just planning what you’re going to buy when you get there, souvenirs are good to consider. Shopping is a big part of the city, with some of the best and biggest shops. And they are everywhere, from stores that take up entire buildings to gift shops and street vendors. The most important things you should know is what to buy if you want to save money, what to do if you don’t have money for souvenirs. What the popular souvenirs are and where you should get them. Also some quick advice and what the real shopping experience is like. Leave some room in your suitcase, because you will need the space!

If your short on money or a smart spender, you should remember to consider souvenirs when you budget your money. Set a limit for yourself so you won’t leave to city broke. And this means you only buy items you really like, so you don’t experience buyer’s remorse.

If you can’t afford to go shopping after the overall cost of the trip don’t feel bad. A t-shirt is nice, but memories can be enough. Also some attractions have a few free souvenirs you can have. At the museum of modern art there was an exhibit that gave away free posters. You can also get creative and make a free souvenir scrape book. Collect a free token of each place you visit, like a brochure from a museum or a napkin from a street vendor and create a book or a box of memories. The best things in life may be free, if you believe they are.

There are many popular souvenirs to buy in New York City. A t-shirt or a hoodie is almost a must. Don’t buy the $5 shirts from a stand on the street. It probably won’t even survive the first wash. They are cheap for a reason. There are stores everywhere that sell t-shirts and hoodies so this is a simple buy with many different choices. Other tourist favourites are New York Yankee’s caps. A good one may cost $25- $30 American. However some of my travel companions managed to barter ten dollars off each hat they bought. Some times it pays to speak up. Key chains and magnets are the cheapest souvenirs you can buy. They are plentiful and if you keep and eye out you can find some amazing ones for a cheaper than average price. Expensive magnets and key chains are about $4-$7 American and cheap ones are about $2-$3 American.


There are some really cool souvenirs in gift shops. They also tend to be expensive. If you are trying to save money I suggest skipping the gift shops and looking for souvenirs from that attraction from a cheaper street store. If you’re not focused on the price, but the item itself, then gift shops are your best friend. Gift shops have good quality and unique products. They may be pricey, but they are worth it.

A gift shop that is especially good is the Museum of Modern Art. Save your money for this one, there is a great selection with creative products. When I was there I purchased two magnets and an umbrella. The umbrella has a neutral colour design on the outside and a Van Gogh starry night sky design on the inside. This was the most expensive thing I bought on the trip, but it’s also my favourite. I like souvenirs that are little out of the ordinary and this gave me that satisfaction.

If you are coming to New York for real shopping, than you came to the right place. New York has an endless amount of stores to choose from. New york has the world’s largest Macy’s, and also has many other stares that take up whole buildings. The clothes tend to be pricey, but I did find some good sales while I was there. There are so many clothes, it’s easy to find something you like. My friends left with an armful of clothing and even I found a shirt to buy, and I’m not much of a shopper. If you are serious about shopping, give yourself lots of time. Shopping in stores of that volume takes hours.

New York is a busy town, with many shops to buy from and many deals to consider. Remember to have fun, and have a happy shopping experience.



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